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North Carolina Fraser Fir make excellent Christmas trees because the strong branches support heavy ornaments and a fresh cut tree adds a pleasing holiday aroma to a room. They are slow to dry out after cutting and retain needles for a longer period than other type of trees. The short and rigid needles are soft to the touch and are dark green on top and a silvery white underneath.

North Carolina Fraser Fir must grow ten to twelve years to reach the most popular size (6 feet to 7 feet). "CAROLINA QUALITY" FRASER FIR FARMS, INC. can supply all sizes of Christmas trees from 3 feet to 15 feet. Call or e-mail us for more information on our beautiful North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas trees, wreaths and garland.

For further information, please contact us at our toll free number 1-800-257-6680 or you can e-mail us at CARQLTYFRSER@skybest.com
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